What Sort of Business Should You Start?

Most people have dreams of starting their own business, but very few of them actually do it. Why? They’re afraid of failure, sometimes even afraid of success! They claim they don’t know what sort of business to start. They want to do something meaningful, but they don’t know what. How can you be sure you’re fulfilling your ‘life’s purpose’ with this business? Read on to find out…

Forget The Idea of Life Purpose

The first thing you need to do is forget the idea of having a life purpose. I’m not saying you don’t have one, I’m just saying that you won’t find it if you obsess over it. You’ll think things like ‘this can’t be my life purpose’ and ‘I’ll never discover my life purpose doing this’. When in actual fact, the more you do, the more you learn about yourself, and the closer you get to doing something that makes you happy.

What Do You Love to Do?

Think of all of the things you love to do and make a list. All of them. My list would go something like this:

  • Talking.
  • Reading.
  • Writing.
  • Going to the gym.

Make sure you write things you really love. You could then branch off with ideas on courses and workshops, which could help you come up with an idea for a business. Some people say that one of the best things you can do is let go of your goals. For instance, instead of having your goal of starting a business, just aim to enjoy yourself and see where life takes you! Just don’t sit around and wait for things to happen. In a few years, you might find yourself with your own web marketing agency or cake shop.

What Have You Previously had a Passion for That You May Have Forgotten About?

When we’re little, we do lots of things that don’t make it into our future. I used to love drawing, but I can’t remember the last time I drew a picture. I also used to love making jewellery and cards for my friends, but I haven’t done that for years. Maybe try a few things you used to love doing and see if they could help you come up with an idea.

What Could You Talk About for Hours?

There’s nothing better than having a job where you don’t feel like you’re working. Getting lost in the subject and your work because you love it so much is the dream! So, what could you talk about for hours? What would you never get bored of talking about? This could be something you should pursue!

How Can You Do More of What You Love?

Think of ways you can do more of what you love. Some things are better left as hobbies, but others could be a great idea for your business/career. Maybe even come up with something that would mix a couple of your loves and hobbies.

Take a Risk!

The time or subject might never feel right, but you won’t know if you don’t take a risk. Life isn’t supposed to be smooth sailing all the time, so do it and see what happens. Either way, you’ll learn what works and what doesn’t!



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