5 Popular Careers in the Restaurant Industry

When it comes to the success of a restaurant, there are many “pieces” to help make the full picture. That’s because there are so many different things happening at once that there is simply no way that only a couple of people could make a restaurant run smoothly; it actually requires an entire team with no one being more important than the other.

Restaurant IndustryIf you’re someone who has always had an interest in the restaurant industry, you don’t necessarily want to be an owner yet you’re curious about some of the other popular careers that are available, we have listed five of them below:

Manager. It’s common for people to confuse a restaurant owner with a manager. The difference is while the owner literally owns the restaurant, they tend to hire a manager to handle its day-to-day operations. This includes everything from hiring staff, taking care of payroll, talking to vendors and making sure that the customers receive the best possible customer service. On average, managers make around $50,000 a year.

Chef. There are three things that will insure that a restaurant gets repeat customers: great food, a nice ambiance and impeccable customer service; many individuals would say that it’s in that order too. That’s why restaurants look for impeccable chefs who are able to create cuisine that is well-prepared and seasoned and also aesthetically appealing. Although there are some places overseas where chefs are able to earn as much as six-figure salaries, executive chefs in the States typically make around $70,000 a year.

Server. Even after the food has been prepared, someone needs to bring it out to the customers; this is the server’s job. In fact, it’s the servers who the customers tend to interact with the most. That’s why they need to be professional, friendly, knowledgeable about the restaurant and menu and also quite accommodating. After all, a restaurant’s staff of servers can definitely make or break or restaurant. A server’s pay definitely varies but they do get a base salary plus tips.

Bartender. If you were to ask My National Grocers about another position that directly contributes to the restaurant industry as it relates to its success, they would probably first say the vendors who provide the food (especially the produce); then they might mention the bartenders. Aside from the fact that many people look forward to having a glass of wine or beer with their meal, alcohol is a huge money maker for the restaurant industry. That’s why many restaurants not only have a bar but they make sure to hire top-notch bartenders too. A bartender’s salary is not much; it is usually around $21,000 but many of them can make a good amount of additional cash in tips.

Host. First impressions are important. That’s why restaurants are quite selective when it comes to choosing the right kinds of hosts. They need to be friendly, outgoing, articulate and good listeners. Their pay also varies based on the restaurant, but they tend to make anything between $10-15 per hour. For more information on the restaurant industry, visit Restaurant.org.

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