Ace Your PostGrad Job Interview! Skills Employers Expect You To Have

The job market is getting more harsh and competitive with each day. Who knows how bad it will be once you leave college or university. Employers spend roughly thirty seconds looking at your CV. The they decide whether you will get an interview so our first piece of advice is this. Make sure your CV is no more than two pages. If you can fit everything onto one page without it looking over packed do so. This means you need to think carefully about what you want potential employers to know about. A good way to save space is to put “Available On Request” rather than listing your references. But that is not enough you will also need the right skills and know how to talk about them in your interview. Here are some things that every employer is looking for.

Customer Services and Interaction

We can not think of a single career that does not require some form of customer interaction. How do show this? We suggest you get a summer job while you are  in college. It does not matter what you are doing. It can be working in a shop. Virtually any job can be used to talk about customers services. If you really want to impress, talk about a specific time when you helped a customer and made your employer look good. You will also need to show you have a friendly and polite demeanor. Remember not to panic and shake your interviewer’s hand firmly when you meet them. This shows confidence.

Ability To Work Online

Do you know the first thing a potential employer does after they accept your CV? They get someone to search for your digital footprint. This is a record of everything you do online. For example, if your FaceBook profile is not private they will nose around it. They are looking for anything that will reflect negatively on their business if they hire you. But they are also looking at how well you operate online. As crazy as this sounds they will look at how many followers you have and whether you own a blog and if you know how to use SEO. Remember, all businesses are looking at a way to increase interest in their company. You should understand there are businesses like Pay On Performance Marketing. They help companies increase their online profile. Understand how SEO works and you will certainly be high on an employer’s wish list.

Second Language

You may have noticed the world is becoming more diverse. In a few years, it is highly likely that a large section of your customers will be people who do not have the same native language as you. Children are being encouraged to learn Chinese at an early age. Why? Because in the future the majority of the world’s population will be Chinese. It is logical then to suggest that to be hireable you should think about learning this language. But anyone who is bilingual is looked on in a more positive light by employers.

Show you have these skills and you will wow interviewers, claiming your desired job with ease.


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