Cheap Ways To Contact Your Family Overseas – Thanks To Technology

Most people will doubtless have family members that live in other countries. In my case, that is true. I’ve got relatives that live in all corners of the globe! I seldom get to meet them much in person, but I can make regular contact with them thanks to technology.

Years ago, the only way you could contact family members abroad was by using your landline telephone. And, in those days, international call costs were rather expensive. Nowadays, that is thankfully a thing of the past.

Many telecom providers offer discounts if you call particular destinations. Sometimes these discounts are automatic. Whereas others require you to pay a small fee on top of your line rental each month.


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Do you have many relatives that live overseas? If so, today’s handy guide is for you! I will show you how you contact them with little to no cost thanks to the marvels of technology. Don’t worry; you can thank me later!

International Calling Cards

One of the most popular ways to phone family members abroad is to use an international calling card. I first read about these calling cards on the website, and noticed that the way they work is entirely straightforward!

What you do is dial a special access number. You then enter a PIN code which you buy from a retailer. Once you do that, type into your phone the number you want to dial, and then you get connected.

They are an easy and affordable way to contact people abroad with little cost to yourself. The PIN codes are often bought online, making the process even faster. They are used by people all around the world, so you’ll have no difficulty using one where you are.

Smartphone apps

Most people have a smartphone these days; that’s just a simple fact of life. The great thing about these devices is you can run a plethora of apps on them. One of the apps you can use can connect you to other people using the Internet, believe it or not!

The only downside is that the person you contact has to use the same app or system as you. For example, Viber lets you call other Viber users with your handset. But they can also install desktop apps too, which expands the scope of devices people can use.

Voice communication over the Internet is nothing new; it’s something people have been doing for years. It’s technical name is VOIP or “Voice over IP.”

Another example of a smartphone app you can use is FaceTime. If you and the other person use an Apple product like an iPhone or MacBook Pro, you can contact each other using this VOIP system. Apart from voice calls, you can also make video calls to one another.

I find it’s always nice to see relatives that live far away using voice calls, as it’s just like being there in person with them!

Now you know that you can use calling card and smartphone technology for cheaper calls. It’s time to get busy and keep in contact with your long-distance friends and relatives!

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