Collaborate with a co-worker you dislike

Psychologists, these days, talk about working people who are constantly juggling between work and colleagues they don’t like. And it is really okay to not like someone. There is nothing to feel guilty about it. There is always that one person in the office who is hell-bent on destroying the workplace zen you have created for yourself. We are all humans at the end of the day, and it is just not possible to be liked by everyone or to like everyone because people have individual preferences. Moreover, it is nearly impossible to have a workplace which is completely amicable. Here are a few tips that can help you deal with the colleague you dislike:

1) Get into a dialogue with the person you dislike and talk to him/her about, let’s say, passion for music, or a common hobby and take simple discussions ahead.

2) Do some soul searching or write a diary to vent out your feelings and emotions to know exactly what or how you feel. Understand your own emotions. Write about it and let go of the anger.

3) Focus on the good qualities of the person you don’t like. Notice the goodness. Appreciate. Acknowledge and let them go off the unpleasantness.

4) Most people are completely unaware of how their behaviour makes other people feel. Bringing their attention to their behaviour can be the wake-up call they need. Be honest with them.

5) Keep things in perspective with early intervention. Bad behaviour and inappropriate comments are best dealt with when the matter is relatively minor. Emotional suppression is the worst form of psychological regulation as it intensifies emotions putting you at a risk of an emotional outburst.

6) Discuss issues without using cuss words or resorting to unprofessional behaviour. Create a prototype of decent communication and workplace decorum. Refrain from being a part of gossip sessions.

7) Don’t pretend or hide your true feelings about someone. Any attempt at hiding how you truly feel will make you seem shallow and superficial. Make your sentiments clear to people in a subtle manner. Take a stand on limiting your interactions to the professional space.

8) The last thing you want to be labelled as is a tattletale. Therefore, reporting situations to your boss should be the last resort. Seek intervention and explain how the antagonism is reducing your productivity and impacting the organisation at large.

When it comes to jobs in India, getting through difficult interactions begins with one’s own willingness to resolve situations. Train your mind to see the brighter side of things. This way, life will be easier not just for you but also for people who interact with you. It isn’t possible to have only amicable co-workers, but if situations compel you to work with people you can’t stand, refer to these tips to make your days better.

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