College Degree: Find Out What the Agencies are hiring!

Do you know someone who is going to college soon? Or maybe one of your family members is already planning the life ahead of high school? With the sea of choices available for the student, how can he choose which career to take? What is the assurance that these careers will lead them to success?

Nowadays, it is very difficult to get a head start on the right path because there are many disruptions and the stakes are higher—not everybody gets to finish a degree, and not everybody gets the chance to go to college.

However, given the chance, here are some of the careers which have been bullet proof from the recession, but not from the competition:

1.       Medical Experts

The medical field covers such a wide range of careers.  There are specializations for different fields such as Anesthesiology, specializing in putting people to rest during an operation, or Pharmacy whose primary goal is to achieve the correct dosage for the medicine. These three, are some of the highest paying medical careers. Then, there’s also the caring and rearing field such as Nursing, Care-Giving and of course, being a Physician.

2.       Accountants

You can never go wrong in the business sector. By being an accountant of a firm, you are assured that you will be paid on a regular basis, and that you will be paid at a good amount. Accountancy is a very difficult course because it involves critical analysis and problem solving. It is said to be the heart of the business because without proper cash management, a business will not be secured. The accountant is responsible for keeping the books of the company, and sometimes even dealing with the clients. Financial services are a huge industry today, as money matters are very crucial to everybody.

3.       Marketing Specialists

Can you make people curious? Can you make a product the talk of the town in a good way? Can you turn a low-profile company to a high-end one that would attract more investors? Marketing is a more specialized field because it focuses on a target market. These people are paid well because the businessmen always want to have a good reputation and good marketing skills can do just that. It involves public relations, and dealing with market research and analysis.

4.       IT Personnel

How did Apple, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram become household names? They have great IT people who do the job for the bosses. IT Recruitment agencies are always looking for talented professionals who can deliver high quality service within a given parameter. These IT people are known to be very logical as well, because they are expected to create programs for business, law and other industries.

5.       Cooks and Chefs

The food industry can afford to pay the chefs high because it is also a thriving business. People like to eat, and they like to eat good food and are willing to pay for it. Culinary schools train these people to be bright and innovative. They are also exposed to different cuisines thus making this career a very sophisticated one as well.

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