Expedited Trucking Career Benefits

In the trucking industry we can see expedited trucking as being a special niche. It normally refers to shipments that have to be delivered really fast. When time is critical and the fastest possible delivery time is needed, we normally talk about expedited shipping. As an example, let us say that a production line for a company now ran out of specific products necessary for operations. The expedited trucking company will be needed to quickly deliver the products needed. Similar examples can be given in retail, the medical industry and basically wherever time is a concern. Expedited shipping normally means that something is picked up immediately and delivered to a customer non-stop.


High Pay Rate

One of the most important expedited trucking career benefits is the fact that the trucker is normally paid more when compared with the regular general freight transportation pay rate. That is quite normal as shipments need to be delivered as soon as possible. You normally are allowed to deliver what is necessary with whatever you can as long as it reaches the receiver fast and in tip top condition. That practically means that you do not have to operate an 18 wheeler to get involved with the business operations.

Easy Job Options Available

Starting the career as an expedited trucker is not at all that difficult. You just need to get the knowledge that is needed and you then end up being able to get the job done. There are various different companies that currently offer job positions for independent contractors and company drivers. Expedited trucking enthusiasts can easily choose from many carriers. You surely know about Fed Ex Custom Critical, Schneider National, Conway Truckload and others.

Expedited Trucking Disadvantages

Before making a career change and moving towards expedited trucking, you need to focus on learning all that you can about it. This does include disadvantages. The most important disadvantage is that you do not have access to regular loads. Steady work does not normally appear so you have to be really careful about your finances. One expedited shipment can be delivered today and then you might have to wait a couple of weeks until the next load. You cannot predict freight availability.

Obviously, while you can choose when you can be in service and when not, including what days are free for you, when you come back you do not actually have the certainty that work will be available. Owning a trucking company basically solves this problem but this is only possible for many after some time.


On the whole, we can say that it is really easy to start such a career and the money that can be made is definitely huge. Expedited trucking is a pretty attractive career opportunity but you need to remember what we mentioned when we referred to disadvantages. That is because you do want to be able to eventually develop a really good business, which would not be possible if you fail at taking care of everything that is needed to get good money on the long run.

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