Fed Up Of The Office? Try One Of The Well-Paid, Skilled Labour Jobs


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For many, the thought of working 9-5 in an office seems agonising. They’d much rather be out in the elements, using their hands. They’d rather use technical skills to fix, build, and create things. The office lifestyle doesn’t suit everyone and trust us, there are plenty of other options out there. The jobs on this list are mostly manual, laborious jobs. But, you’ll be surprised at the paychecks! These careers run up serious money and a fantastic sense of achievement.

The beauty of these skilled labour jobs is fulfilment that comes with every project. Every day brings a new challenge that you can complete. You’ll make a real difference and finish a new job every day. You’ll meet new people and even spend some time in the open air. If that already sounds better than your stuffy office, keep reading and find out more!

The country is in desperate need of these skilled labourers. With increased numbers of university graduates, there is a gap in these traditional industries. Training is often short and simple, so you can often get on the job in just a few months. It may not be a career you’ve previously considered, but it’s time to start thinking about it! Let’s take a look at some of the options out there.


Carpentry is great for those with an artistic flair. It’s a skilled job perfect if you’re good with your hands. You’ll help make everything from furniture to construction elements. It’s a varied job and you’ll mould your services to the client in question. The best way to get started is to join a carpentry business as an apprentice. Here you’ll learn the basics and pick up the tricks of the trade. You’ll spend your day in the workshop using intricate tools and machines. It’s a fantastic environment, and you’ll be proud of each item you create.


Qualified and skilled electricians are in high demand in this modern age. The increasing complexity and reach of our electrical systems is staggering. For instance, within ten years, most of the new cars on our roads will have an electric engine. Our homes are becoming ever more reliant on electricity too. These systems are more complex and intricate than most of us could imagine. Expert electricians will help keep our integrated systems running smoothly and help push the boundaries further. They’ll also fix our dodgy lights and broken fuses! It’s a well-paid career and you’ll never be short of work. If you’ve got a head for science, this option is perfect.


Much like our electricians, plumbers are something of a waning breed. We urgently need more skilled plumbers in every corner of the country. These skilled workers split their time between domestic callouts and new construction projects. In the former, they’ll repair broken pipes, fix faulty boilers, and keep things running smoothly in the home. In the latter, they can find themselves working on new skyscrapers or exciting new-builds. Construction jobs always require plumbing installation, and there are few things more exciting than working on a new build.

Oil rig worker

Oil rig workers operate a little further from home, often for long periods at a time. Despite the long periods away from home, the recompense is often well worth it. The pay grades for oil rig workers are steep, with plenty of chance to move up the ladder. The job itself is technical and skilled labour, particularly as you work your way up. The job requires specific training and extensive safety qualifications to keep the rig safe. It’s a fascinating life and a lucrative career choice.


The traditional role of the mechanic is evolving and changing rapidly. The simple, mechanical car engines now have integrated electronics and diagnostic systems. A mechanic’s training has now grown wider and more diverse. They must be skilled in operating a computer and completing technical, electronic tasks. The challenge to adjust to a hybrid future will be a tricky, but exciting, one. If you love cars and are fascinated by their inner workings, this career will keep you happy.


Agriculture is one of the biggest industries on the planet. Producing and harvesting food is the oldest job in the world, and a fascinating sector to work in. The traditional industry of old has grown into a highly-skilled, technical arena. With high-tech machinery and automation installed across the farm, it’s a world away from the old days! Just take a look at Auto Trader Plant to see some of the high-tech equipment and machinery you could be working with. One thing’s for sure, farming is a life-long career, and you’ll never be short of work.


If you’ve got an affinity for the ocean, this job might be the one for you. You’ll hit the open waves for weeks at a time on a trawler boat, scraping the oceans for fish. Don’t be fooled, however. It’s certainly not the lazy fishing weekend you might have in mind! This is hard work, in dangerous and difficult conditions. You’ll need the right state of mind, not to mention physical fitness and stamina!


Mining is another traditional industry that has seen vast leaps in technology. Although we are slowly reducing our reliance on fossil fuels, the mining industry is still expanding. In fact, during the recession, it was one of the few sectors to grow and thrive. It’s certainly a reliable career with a decent paycheck at the end of the month. There are mining opportunities all over the country too.


Engineering is at the upper end of the skilled spectrum. You’ll need a degree and specialised qualifications here. But, it’s the perfect chance to use your degree in a hands-on environment. Engineering is one of the biggest industries on the planet, and the possibilities are endless. You can follow your passions here and use your hands to help shape the world around us.

If you’re fed up of the office, look for a less conventional choice. You can get out in the elements, use your hands, and make a sharp career move. Choose one of these high-skilled, well-paid labour jobs instead.

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