Having a Closer Look at Dental Implants

Implants are artificial teeth replacements that are used for missing or cracked teeth. This particular solution looks completely natural and is also reliable and permanent. When a lost tooth is replaced, the mental and physical well-being of an individual can be improved. Dental implants have a very high success rate even though they might be seen as expensive and physically intensive and have become a very popular solution for people who wish to get rid of missing or cracked teeth. The major reason why implants are used is to ensure that the functionality and appearance of lost tooth is restored.

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When individuals have a missing tooth, it is not just their overall health, but also their self-confidence that suffers from a serious blow. Accidents, gum disease and tooth decay are only some of the reasons why people might end up losing their teeth. Individuals are likely to face trouble when they speak or chew food when they don’t opt to use cosmetic methods for replacing the tooth or teeth they have lost. There are two types of implants that have become practical and popular nowadays amongst people. An implant that’s placed into the jawbone with the help of blades, screws and cylinders is called endosteal implant.

A subperiosteal implant is the second type that’s fixed to the gum line with the help of metal posts. These implants are used in patients who have suffered from bone loss and don’t have optimum bone structure that’s needed for endosteal implants. These implants are placed into the mouth through a very involved procedure and months are needed for it to be completed. The first step involves preparing the mouth for the placement of the implant. It is necessary to anchor the base of the dental implants and give it time to fuse to the mouth for them to be placed permanently. Brighton Dental Implants are an example of implants that are very popular in San Diego and its neighborhood.

This process will happen in a period of three to six months. While the implant is fusing to the mouth, the base is covered with a crown. The metal base is anchored to the mouth after the implant has fused and a prosthetic tooth is then cemented to the base. It might be a little expensive for people to get implants, depending on the number of teeth they want to get replaced. In addition, the cost of the procedure can also vary as it also depends on the dentist that’s chosen for placing them. Some of the cost of these implants can be covered by insurance plans so it’s best to check the policies.

After the implants have been placed in the mouth, individuals also need to practice a little bit of after-care. A little soreness and pain will be experienced by the patients immediately after the procedure is completed. The dentist will prescribe medications to counter these feelings. After the implant has healed completely, it looks like natural teeth and should be treated in the same way as far as brushing and flossing is concerned. Dental implants don’t require a lot of maintenance and are an excellent alternative for lost teeth.

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