How to Prepare for a Career within the Maritime Industry

The United Kingdom is renowned as a prominent leader in the international shipping industry; thanks in part to its strong maritime history. Through their commercial shipping, the United Kingdom’s maritime industry has become a major provider to the country’s economic growth, and the industry shows no sign in slowing down.

Career within the Maritime IndustryTypically, individuals that choose to pursue a seafaring career are seeking an exciting, fulfilling and lucrative future, and may find themselves wondering which path to take in order to achieve their career goal.

Since the industry is so dependent on health and safety precautions, it is essential for all who work at sea to have comprehensive training and qualifications such as STCW Safety Training as well as STCW Medical Training.

Choosing the proper institution for learning these skills should be your top priority. One of the leading universities using maritime training methods and a boasting an elite record of preparing students to be successful seafarers is Warsash Maritime Academy. This establishment has a proud history of providing new and innovative programmes to prepare their pupils for a bright future in the maritime industry.

So which training courses will you need to undertake to prepare for a career within the maritime industry?

STCW Safety Training

STCW stands for the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification, and Watchkeeping for Seafarers. Essentially, STCW safety training sets qualification standards for masters, officers and watch personnel on seagoing merchant ships. This type of training provided by the Warsash Academy is a fundamental provision to aspiring pupils that will familiarise them with the basics in safety, fire fighting, foundations of first aid, survival techniques, and social responsibility.

With the goal of ensuring future seafarers are educated and well aware of the potential hazards of working on a vessel, STCW safety training will enable workers to respond promptly and accordingly in the event of an emergency.

STCW Medical Training

The courses in STCW medical training offered by Warsash Academy give students the health and safety knowledge required on modern and traditional vessels. Covering basic hazards, personal protective equipment, general health and safety advice, and emergency routines that a seafarer may encounter, the medical training courses are vital for candidates interested in the maritime industry.

With the education in elementary first aid you will receive, students are trained at an international level. At the same time, students learn the fundamentals of first aid: CPR, bandaging, drowning and more.

STCW Survival Techniques

These techniques are mandatory and need to be learned by all seafaring individuals in order to protect themselves and others in the event of an emergency. Some of the survivalist qualifications include practical training in the use of life jackets and life rafts. Qualified staff lead every course to make sure everyone involved is safe.

Warsash Academy is in the south of England and allows students the opportunity to explore a vast variety of some of the most advanced simulation and training facilities in worldwide maritime training. It offers the additional benefits of virtual learning and online support services.


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