Side Hustles That Can Help You Earn Money Quickly

“Side hustle” has become a popular buzz phrase and it’s a concept a lot of people explore to make extra money, in addition to their full-time job or career.

A side hustle is just a trendy way of saying you’re doing something in outside of your full-time employment to make extra money, and it’s become pretty common for people to do just that, especially in the gig economy that’s become so pervasive in recent years.

There are a lot of benefits to having a so-called side hustle including the fact that you can use the extra money to pay off debt, to invest, or just to create emergency savings.

However, a lot of the ideas you see floating around do take some initial upfront work, and it can be months or years before they become profitable.

If you want to make money right away, what are some good options?

Rideshare Driver

If you meet the Uber car requirements or the requirements for another company like Lyft, being a rideshare driver is a good option.

Before you get started, however, make sure you do your research. You want to be able to maximize your earnings capabilities, particularly if this is something you’re doing in addition to your full-time job. You need to learn how to find the right times to drive so you’ll earn the most money in the shortest windows of time.

Pet Sitting

It sounds so simple, but sometimes those are the best ways to earn money.

Pet sitting is a good way to earn money almost immediately, and if you love animals, it’s likely to be enjoyable for you as well.

There are sites like that let you offer your services as a dog boarder, a house sitter, or just someone who does drop-in visits to check on pets.

Teach English

You can earn money teaching part-time, only with a company like VIP Kid. According to the VIP Kid website, teachers earn anywhere from $14 to $22 an hour teaching English to people from around the world, and there’s the chance to earn bonuses.

As with other side hustles on this list, you can create a flexible schedule that works around your full-time job, and with this one, you don’t even have to leave home.

Work As a Virtual Assistant

There are many online work opportunities and remote jobs available, but a lot of them require either a full-time commitment, or they necessitate a certain skill set that not everyone has.

Being a virtual assistant can be a good option instead.

You can work remotely and do simple administrative tasks, and for the most part, you’ll be able to work on your own terms, so you can keep working at your day job.

Finally, if you want to find an even easier way to make money on the site, consider using something like Swagbucks, which lets people earn points for doing everything from playing games to searching the internet. You can earn gift cards and prepaid Visa cards for doing things you’d probably do anyway.


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