Studying For The Insurance Licensing Exam

Preparing for your insurance licensing exam can feel a bit overwhelming. For many of us, this may even be the first exam we have taken in years. Despite this, you should know that there are a number of helpful tips and areas to focus on which can make your preparation go much easier. These include the following basic study skills. 

Remove All Distractions:

One of the most obvious and yet still overlooked tips is to remove as many distractions as possible. This includes having the TV on in the background, or having people come knocking at your door. Switch off your cell phone and tell your family and friends that you simply cannot be disturbed for the next hour or whatever amount of time you have available. Turn off your instant messenger, sign out of Facebook and other social media accounts, and close down all other non-essential browser windows on your computer. Make sure the kids are asleep, or being watched by someone else.

Set A Schedule:

This is another basic tip, but also one that is often overlooked. Indeed, you should actually make studying a part of day. Write it into your day planner or task scheduler, if needed. Take an hour or two here and there, according to schedule. Determine the amount of time that can be set aside each day and then stick to this.

Use Short & Frequent Sessions:

Studies have shown that after about an hour of focused learning and study it can become more difficult to hold new information. The way around this is to take breaks every hour or so. Get up, walk around, and grab something to drink. Basically, you are simply trying to refresh your mind. After a short break and when you feel ready you can certainly go again for another hour or so.

Think About Your Time:

Most experts agree that it should take the average person between 35 and 40 hours of diligent study time in order to pass the insurance exam. Of course, different states have additional regulations and levels of difficulties, but this is still a good guide. The actual time that you may need will depend upon your speed of learning, how focused you are, and a number of other factors.

Also bear in mind that you will need time allocated for review. If you have divided this 40 hours over a period of 10 weeks, then there is likely much that you need to have refreshed. This is why you should also make sure to allocate at least an additional 10 percent of your total time for review.

Repetition, Highlighting, & Questions:

Read and the re-read the text as many times as you need. This helps to ensure that you really do understand the material. Also, make sure to look for connections between different sections of the material as well. There is a reason for the old saying that repetition is the mother of learning! You should also make sure to highlight, star, or underline concepts that you feel are critical or important. Take notes, write down numbers and important facts and even say them aloud several times.

Be sure to answer the review questions at the end of each section. You should make sure that you know these cold before moving on. The same goes for the practice exams for your insurance license exam. Study first and then when you think you are ready, actually do the practice exam as if it were the real thing. No looking back for the answers. Do not move on until you are getting 90 percent or better consistently.

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