Support Your Family After Unemployment

Support Your Family After UnemploymentThroughout the last decade and continuing through today, life has become increasingly difficult due to the poor economy and increased prices of gasoline and products. Many people have been laid-off from their jobs and their families have been the ones to suffer. As a result sometimes finding that dream job needs to be put off for a little while. Here is a list of 5 jobs that you can do to help your family make ends meat.


Freelance Writing


For anyone with decent writing skills, freelance writing is a stable method of acquiring income for a families basic needs. Depending on the rate of assignment completion and completion, writers can earn anywhere from 5 to 20 dollars per hour. This will cover the basic costs and buy a family some time to secure another source of income if this doesn’t meet a family’s income goals. Many websites pay freelance writers for assignments, so all a writer needs is a computer, internet access, and writing skills.




Restaurants often require labor throughout the year. Pay is often low, but it is possible to get enough hours too pay for a family’s expenses. At a restaurant or bar, tips can be a huge supplement to the fixed hourly wage already being earned. While a single person might not be able to provide for an entire family by working at these low-paying positions, multiple family members may be able to meet the income goals.


Retail Jobs


Many people find sales jobs are often available at retail stores such as Best Buy or Walmart. Their are plenty of retail sales vacancies out there you can apply to. As a salesperson, hourly wages can range from minimum wage to 12 dollars an hour. Some retailers also offer commission to their salespeople, so this provides excellent income if a worker is particularly good at his or her job. This can be an excellent method of acquiring income for an entire family.




If a previous job taught an individual a set of valuable skills, these skills can be used to establish a small business. These types of businesses sometimes, take a small amount of capital in order to acquire the appropriate licenses and supplies, but it can pay off in the long run if the business can secure regular profits. Opportunities for self-employment include construction, lawn care, babysitting, tutoring, and many more expertise-specific jobs.




If all else fails, an individual can resort to taking online surveys for payment. There are many survey websites online that will pay individuals for taking their surveys. The pay is low and takes time to gather income.

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