The benefits of outdoor classrooms

As schools look for new and innovative ways to teach their students, a rising number are turning to outdoor classrooms. These learning areas now come in various different sizes and styles, and they can cater to a range of needs.

Specialist suppliers like CAD Shelters offer versions in different materials and designs that can double up as picnic spots and waiting areas for parents, making them a versatile solution for schools that want to make the most of their grounds. It’s no surprise that more education providers are now investing in these solutions. Here are just some of the ways in which outdoor classrooms can benefit schools.

Get students more involved and engaged

All teachers know how hard it can be to keep kids engaged while in the classroom. Concentration tends to wander in these environments and behaviour can deteriorate as a result. Taking youngsters outside and teaching them in the fresh air can do wonders to boost pupil engagement. It’s true that schools have to implement new rules to keep behaviour in check when they move students outdoors, but on the whole it can mean children are more cooperative and focussed. It can also enhance pupils’ moods and help them to get more enjoyment from their studies.

Make the learning experience more relevant

Outdoor classrooms can also make the learning experience more relevant. There are lots of opportunities in the school yard to put learning concepts into a more practical, realistic context. For example, it puts students in touch with the outside world when they are learning about nature and the environment. This direct connection between the theoretical and the practical can make lessons much more memorable and effective.

Boost creativity

Being in the open air can also help to foster students’ imaginations. Many children who feel inhibited in indoor classroom environments feel much freer to express themselves when they are in less formal settings. Whether they are doing art, role play or any other activities, this can help to stimulate their learning and boost their confidence.

Improve health

Spending time outside can improve children’s health too. Simply being in the fresh air is good for students, and learning in the school yard also provides more opportunities to exercise. Even students who aren’t interested in PE can often find themselves burning energy thanks to fun and active learning sessions outdoors.

Given the myriad benefits of outdoor classrooms, it’s easy to see why so many schools are choosing to include them within their grounds.

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