The Best Ways To Help Your Family When You’re In The Army

Working for the military can mean you spend a long time away from home each year. That is especially true if you are a basic soldier in the army. You have to put your life at risk for moderate pay, and your family don’t get much time with you. Still, there are many things you can do to ensure they’re looked after. Even when you’re away on tour, small gestures could make a big difference. At the end of the day, you’ll want to make sure your loved ones are still waiting for you when you get home. So, it is not a good idea to leave them to fend for themselves. As you will discover, you can still play a part in their lives.

  • Find suitable housing

You could rent a house in a normal community if your partner and kids have a lot of support. However, those of you without decent support networks should look at the alternatives. There are lots of military house rentals available that might be more suitable. The advantages of setting your family up there are endless. There will be lots of other people on the same street in your situation. So, your partner won’t have to deal with anything alone. Everyone will understand your predicaments, and they’ll always offer advice. Plus, it’s nice to have someone close by your loved one can call when she’s in need of a friend.

  • Write regular letters

Lots of people in the military fail to write letters home because they think it’s silly. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Try putting yourself in your partner’s shoes. They will miss you and worry about you from the moment you leave. Simply sending a letter could brighten their entire week. Just bear in mind that it can take a while for mail to reach home from foreign countries. That just means you have to send lots more of it to ensure they’ve always got something to open.

  • Skype with the kids

In nearly all instances, soldiers have access to an internet connection at some point during their tour. That could be every day if you’re working on the base. Skype is a godsend because it allows you to communicate via a video service. That means you can see your partner and children whenever you call. Your bosses will determine how often you are allowed to contact them. However, there are usually no restrictions in place. So, long as you’re not doing anything important, you should be allowed to call. The lack of available computers will often mean you need to book your session in advance.


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Helping your family when you’re away in the army is essential. No good person would ever leave their loved ones in a bad situation. That is why you must leave your bank cards at home. Your military wage will hit the account every month. You need to ensure your partner has full access to that money at all times. You’re working away for a reason – to guarantee they always have a roof over their heads.

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