The Future Of Refrigerated Trucking

Refrigeration is an important part of any food manufacturer’s business. In Southern California during a recent power failure, some area manufacturers lost millions of dollars of inventory due to the loss of refrigeration at their facilities.

Fortunately, at your warehouse it is possible to build in backup systems that can lower the risk of having a meltdown when the power goes out. When it comes to refrigerated trucking, however, the merchandise has already left your hands- so it is important to partner with a firm that is keeping abreast of the latest solutions.

Here are some concepts on the short-term horizon for refrigerated trucking companies:

Alternative Energy:

The first trucks that partially power themselves are already on the market in the UK. They are hybrid delivery trucks that are modifications of existing models. They use the friction from the wheels to generate electricity in order to extend the range of the motor. Other companies are trying to blend solar capacity on trailers with multiple battery packs to reach a state where a long haul trucker can do a day’s work without having to use gasoline or stop to charge their truck. This new stance can create options for manufacturers like yourself that didn’t exist before in distribution.

Transportation Innovation:

Some transportation companies like have created a technology infrastructure that makes it easy for their clients to seamlessly integrate them as a shipping partner. From billing to logistics, having the capability of staying up-to-speed with your deliveries and your incoming freight can help you to make better management decisions. Beyond technology integration, suppliers like Landstar are also able to leverage their operator network to span the globe with refrigerated shipments that are consistent and on time.

LCL price drop:

Although companies like Amazon are focused on drones and other solutions that don’t help the traditional manufacturer send large refrigerated shipments, there are some innovations in the works that will allow for more even pricing in the less than container load segment of the market. If you are a small manufacturer these innovations should make it less expensive to get your product out to retailers. One innovation is increasing the number of trailers on interstate routes that are deliverable. With advances in logistics software, it is possible to keep more trailers on the road than there are trucks, giving you a better price for your products.

Although there has been a lot of innovation in refrigerated trucking over the past decade, there are technologies and processes that are currently under development that can make a big difference in how you view the way that you do your shipping business.

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