Thinking About An IT Degree? Read These 4 Awesome Job Prospects!

IT/Computing Degrees are one of the most popular degrees around. With a world that revolves around technology and the internet, is it really a surprise? The career prospects for an IT/Computing graduate are looking extremely bright. There are a whole number of different jobs relating to IT or Computing degrees, meaning your options are open.


IT Technician


One of the most obvious career paths for IT graduates. Being an IT technician means you’re the guy/gal who everyone comes to with their IT problems. IT technicians can experience varying workloads depending on the day and where they work. If you work in a small office, chances are you won’t be swamped with work every single day. If you work in a busy secondary school, you’re more likely to be very, very, busy. Tasks could range from simply helping to reset a forgotten password, to helping clear viruses/malware off a system. IT techs can also be self-employed, just make sure you know how to market yourself to get the most out of your business.

Web Design


One of the more computing based jobs, web design is a booming business. Lots of companies look for web designers to help create the perfect website. It can be a fun job that lets you put your personal touch into your work. It can also be very rewarding seeing your finished project on a computer screen. The good thing about web design is that if you’re good at it, you’re likely to find a lot of work. It’s also a fairly safe job because if you design a site, they’ll need you on board for maintenance.


Ethical Hacker


This is a job that’s quite ‘new’. The title could seem scary and borderline illegal, but it’s not! This is a perfectly legitimate job and one of the best-paid IT/Computing jobs out there. Most ethical hacking jobs will require you to have a degree, but you’ll also need the correct ethical hacking qualifications. There are websites like this: that provide an Ethical Hacking training course. When you’ve completed the course, you’ll be awarded a Certified Ethical Hacker qualification. What an ethical hacker is, is someone who is paid to test security systems. Companies will pay you to ‘hack’ their systems to see how secure they are. It’s your job to pinpoint all the security downfalls and what needs strengthening. It’s an extremely tough job but pays awfully well.


Database Administrator


Another common IT-related graduate job. Database Administrators are the people who make sure all the companies databases are working. They handle database security and general maintenance. Also, they have to keep the database software updated and monitor any threats. It’s very much a typical IT job, but it’s one that’s very popular with companies hiring. If you want to gauge what a typical ‘Day in the Life’ of a Database Administrator is, then click here.



IT/Computing related degrees can lead to a whole host of great career prospects. It’s far from an easy area of study, but the rewards are high. In general having any degree is worth the time it takes to study for it. It can be hard trying to choose a course to study at college.The first step to having a successful career is figuring out what kind of career you want to have. Get that sorted and you’re on your way.

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