What Subject Should You Major In At College?

If you are in your senior year of high school and doing fairly well, then you are probably wondering what you should study when you go to college. It can be a difficult decision – particularly if you are good at a number of things. In reality, there are several different factors that you should consider before making your choice – and not all of them are completely obvious.

School of Agricultural Science

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One of the primary concerns you probably have is which subjects are best for your future career prospects. Given the fact that college is going to end up costing you – or your parents – tens of thousands of dollars at a minimum, you probably want to make sure that you get a good return on that investment. Degrees in computer science, economics, business studies and even pharmacology are all likely to secure you a well-paying job with good prospects. In fact, some colleges, such as the University of the Potomac specialize in bachelor degrees that are in demand. On the other hand, degrees in teaching, journalism, liberal arts, and language studies are less likely to get you a highly-paid position in the short term.

However, you also need to ask yourself what you are good at and what you enjoy. While one of the reasons that people go to college is to secure lucrative future employment, if you try to pursue a subject that you find too difficult or that you have no passion for, then you are likely to fail. In this case, all of that investment in your education will be wasted anyway – so make sure you choose something that you like, or at least can live with. You may be worried that you are throwing away your money by doing this – and this may well be the case. If this bothers you, it is time to ask yourself whether college is right for you, or if you should take another route. While it is more difficult to make your way in the world without a college degree, not having one doesn’t mean that you’re not going to succeed.

Another thing to consider is whether money is the yardstick by which you measure everything. You may not make the same money if you are a teacher or a journalist, but if it makes you happy then that can be more important than how much you earn. In fact, many people who go into these types of fields feel that they have a vocation – that this is a way of them making an important contribution to society that they want to pursue.


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Finally, remember that education isn’t just about making money. The word originally came from the Latin educere – which means to lead forth. In other words, education helps you to grow as a person, not just acquire skills to make money. While it is easy to lose sight of this in our modern world, the most important thing that education teaches you is how to learn.

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